Vapor City Plus "House Juice"

No Gimmicks! Just Great Juice!

With 3 main mixologists, each mastering the art of the "shake and vape" in a high traffic retail store, this isn't your average "house juice". Several well known industry professionals have called upon our team to develop flavors for their brands or do collaborations. Between each of our mixologist's recipe notebooks, we had compiled somewhere around 5000 recipes in just 3 years. We can't possibly sell 5000 different flavors, but we did dial it back to the "staples".

We use the same quality ingredients as we do in premium e-liquids, with the same attention to detail. No trendy bottles, no gimmicks, no boxes or fancy labels. It's just high quality e-liquid in easy to use bottles (both for dripping and tank filling) that meet bottling requirements to be GCC, CRC and FDA compliant. All of our e-liquid is manufactured in a Certified ISO 6 Lab.  

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