VAMP Limited Edition Star Wars Rig V2 with Roughneck

Limited Edition Vaping American Made Products Rig V2 with Roughneck Atomizer, Copper Hybrid Disk and Custom Drip Tip from Dr. Handcrafted (each made for the specific mod). There are 1 of each available, 1 Darth Vader Mod, 1 Storm Trooper Mod.

Don't let its size fool you, the Rig Version 2 may have dropped down a weight class but its still packing the same punch.

Still a hefty 25mm in diameter and standing in at 87.3 mm tall. Its smaller size and lighter throw make it the perfect size for just about anyone.

Copper hybrid disk, copper bottom contact and copper button engraved with our AMERICAN MADE liberty bell for maximum conductivity.